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And the Orangutans Are Out!!!

Yesterday rescued orangutans Maggie and Chico spent their first morning out exploring their new special habitat here at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. Having spent the first two years of their lives at WFFT going on daily forest walks with surrogate father Shawn and his team this is an enormous change for them. As they reach adolescence they need more space and less parenting, they need to learn how to be adult orangutans (this is maybe harder for Shawn to deal with than the orangutans themselves). Interestingly, the usually less adventurous Chico was the first to climb the huge climbing structures we have created for them. After a short time of guiding them around their new home they were comfortable, excitingly exploring the huge new space alone. Again WFFT would like to offer our gratitude to the International Primate Protection League and Mr. Mike Beets for making this project possible.

Watch this space for a video of their first day of exploring.

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