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Again a great new macaque field!

Greg White from Australia donated very generously last year a beautiful open enclosure for the pig-tail macaques; in total 15 macaques that were taken in one by one from private owners and abandoned. All those macaques were solitary brought up and some of them had not seen another monkey for more than 10 years…

These 15 macaques now have been living together for almost one year and get along very well with each other. They groom each other, hardly fight and share their food without trouble..

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 08.53.40

This year Greg was back at the center in May to see the field that he donated last year and to discuss a new donation for another new field (see the pictures on this page) for again a troop of macaques. This time we made some small changes to the design and the enclosure is absolutely fantastic. Climbing towers , real trees and lots of cement made structures to get out of the sun or rain.

On behalf of the 14 macaques of this new enclosure we would like to thank Greg White and his wife for the generous donation and the huge difference this has made to the life of all these macaques!

Edwin Wiek and the WFFT team

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