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Temple rescue in Pranburi

Things are always busy at the Wildlife Rescue Center, and unfortunately sometimes things get even more busy as we get an emergency called in. On the 9th of July we were called to go and help a seriously ill pig-tailed macaque at a temple near Pranburi city. The macaque that was not able to sit up anymore had been in a small cage since 1994, living in a lot of garbage and its own excrements.

Edwin and the Mobile Wildlife Clinic (sponsored by Care for the Wild International) went to visit the temple at the same day and found the macaque named “Ko” in a weak physical condition and decided to take him to the rescue center.

Unfortunately there were more wild animals at the temple, and we learned that the abbot of the temple had passed away only two month earlier, leaving no one willing to take care of the animals. Two gibbons, one iguana and four peacocks were found as well at the temple and the rescue team took them all in on the same day to the quarantine facility at the wildlife rescue center. The animals were all dropped by people at the temple over the years and the abbot had taken care for them for a very long period.

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