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We Delighted to Announce this News – No more Chains for Thong Phoon

Time has come for Thong Phoon to be rid of her chains. After years being in chains she now sees the back of them, we have been able to quickly construct a special, safe ‘Protected Contact’ enclosure which will keep her and her human carers safe. Escorted by mahouts, and under benevolent eyes of some of the staff, Thong Phoon reached her brand-new enclosure a few days ago. What an emotional and special moment to see those chains falling on the ground! To see her first free steps in years! To know that her life will be far away from any abuse, from any hooks and chains. We want to thank all those special people out there who have supported our campaign so far. We are almost there with the fundraising effort, just under eight thousand dollars remains. We have had numerous offline donations for her rescue fund. Please see how you can help us finally hit the target here

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