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The New Food House!

The centre is very proud to announce the completion of a new food house! The food house plays a critical role in the day-to-day running of the centre. The food for over 100 animals is prepared in this room twice a day. The old food house left a lot to be desired! Food had to be prepared outside due to a lack of space inside. Then imagine over 100 bowls laid out on the floor of a dark, hot room and volunteers worked on their knees in order to put the food into the correct bowls whilst trying to keep out of each other’s way!

However, things have now changed dramatically! The new food house is now completed and is up to international standards. It boasts a large, light, airy space in order for volunteers to prepare the food whilst standing up!

It would not have been possible to build if it were not for the donations of volunteers and the generous donations made by the Thai public following television programmes featuring the centre.

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