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Disgusted by the fur trade and animal welfare in China!

March 2005  Although the Wildlife Friends of Thailand do not work in China we do feel the need to bring to your attention the faith of tens of thousands of wild animals being exploited in China, the biggest consumers of (illegal) wildlife in the world.

Besides the bear bile trade where bears are being locked up in tiny cages for their whole life, the tiger trade for medicine, and the consumption of a very large variety of endangered species such as pangolins, civets and monkeys, a large amount of animals are being raised and hunted for the fur trade.

We have received a horrible video clip that shows the treatment of animals for the fur-trade. Words could not describe the images and therefore we have decided to place this video on our website to expose yet another horrible violation of animal rights in China. We just wonder when some countries will finally be hold accountable for the repeated violation of both human and animal rights?

You can contact us if you need the video file please be warned that the video shows the killing and live skinning of wild animals.

Please forward this message to create more awareness about these horrible acts.

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