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Protected forest area at WFFT receives more Australian support

After already financing three of our macaque fields, one of our favorite Australians, Greg White, has come through for us again in sponsoring funds for the development of the protected forest and wildlife rehabilitation zone at WFFT. Almost one and a half kilometers of secure fencing encircling the forest has been erected, enabling WFFT to provide a protected habitat for Thai wildlife. The Abbot of Kao Look Chang temple is extremely happy to see his forest protected from cattle farmers grazing their cows and local villagers harvesting wood and other forest products.

Now WFFT is able to release wildlife into different zones in the forest and build habitats for rehabilitation of various species. Wild pigs, mouse-deer and porcupine are already free-roaming, thanks to Greg’s support, and there is plenty of space for future rescued wildlife such as deer etc. in this 24 hectare protected forest. This is a dream come true for the Abbot, who has not seen such wildlife in this forest for decades.

So far the improvement in the general health and vitality of the forest has been dramatic, so thank you again Greg!

We are also enriching the forest with trees grown on site at our tree nursery, and a nature trail is being developed here for our education programme. Nocturnal animals (civets, binturong and lorises), gibbons and stump-tailed macaques are now also living in different rehabilitation zones in the protected forest, providing safe and natural habitat for almost 50 rescued animals already.

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