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Wildlife Hospital at WFFT getting ready

Finally we can now check up, treat and operate on wild animals in a very clean, professional and up-to-date clinic at the Wildlife rescue Center of the WFFT. Although we estimate the building of this new hospital to take up to 3 months we are now able to show you the first pictures of this very important addition to the rescue center. The treatment room and the surgery theater are already ready.

This hospital was a necessity as we receive more and more injured wildlife such as macaques, deer, large birds and reptiles. The old facility was just not big enough and lacked the hygiene needed for a professional run hospital. The old clinic will now be used for quarantine only.

The complete facility will be ready at the beginning of November and we will update the website again. We are currently looking for help in obtaining an x-ray machine for this hospital….

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 12.49.43

Want to donate towards an x-ray machine please contact

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