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a 360° virtual visit to the WFFT wildlife Rescue Center

a “360 degrees look around” the WFFT wildlife rescue center

Have you volunteered at or visited WFFT in the past? are you planing to go there in the future? Want to see what is going on at WFFT right now?

You can now get a “virtual” tour of the WFFT online! See our center from the air, go into the elephant enclosures, see the bears, the gibbon forest or check on our medical staff in the hospital. From different positions in the air you can travel from project 1 to project 2, 3 and 4, seeing animals, staff and landscape all photographed in March 2013!

for the tour please click this link!

THANKS A LOT to Roelof de Vries of LITTLE PLANET in the Netherlands for the months of blood, sweat and tears in making this happen!

for more info on their work visit this link

Let us know what you think about it! Have fun visiting the 360 agrees tour!

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