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It’s Raining Owls!

There have been many wildfires during this dry season in Thailand. These fires have been pushing wildlife out of their habitats and into human areas. This week we took in several rescues consisting of spotted, barn, and collared scops owls.
These owls range in age from just days old to those on the brink of adulthood. Some came from a concerned local who found them at a night market. Others were found in backyards and on the side of the road. One came in covered in road tar! We washed it first with vegetable oil to dissolve the tar, and then soapy water to remove the oil. This one passed away unfortunately.
The owlets will eventually have to demonstrate that they can catch mice or chicks on their own before they can be released. For now, they are being fed and cared for round the clock by our vet staff.
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