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What do you get when you cross a Sea Turtle with a Pig and a Bat?

These two freshwater pig-nosed turtles (aka fly river turtles) are leathery with wing-like flippers and a pig nose! They used to live in a small garden pond in central Bangkok on a diet of dog food and lettuce. Having recently reached maturity at 16 years of age, they have begun to attack each other aggressively due to their territorial natures. The former owner was treating their neck wounds and infections on a daily basis before calling us to surrender them.

They are an endangered species and are only found in select areas of New Guinea and northern Australian territories. This species is one of the rarest turtles in the world and are unfortunately traded as pets. They can also fetch thousands of DOLLARS as meat on the black market.

They’re almost exclusively aquatic and are temporarily in quarantine enclosures for observation before moving to larger pools. Unfortunately, they can not be released because they are not native to Thailand and have been pets their whole lives. We will be feeding them mussels, snails, fruits, and vegetation and giving them their best life here at WFFT.

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