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Cats rescued from forest fires!

Every year forests are being burnt by people in the dry season to clear pars of these forests and to collect young leafs also called “phak Whaan” that can sell up to 200 baht a kilo. We estimate that many wild animals get hurt and killed due to these fires but never receive large quantities of animals in for treatment.

This year however we were surprised twice to receive some very young fishing cats (six in total!) from different people.

Three very young ones of a bout 3 weeks came from Sraburi province and three more from a mountain only a mile away from the center, the last ones only a few days old. According to the farmer who brought the little cubs in they were found in a hole under a tree in a heavily burnt part of the forest. He said his dog attacked the mother and killed it, therefore bringing in the unfortunate cubs.

The fires have been on for 6 weeks now in the forest opposite the center and not once have we seen the authorities try to stop the fire…

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