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WFFT goes to the rescue of confiscated tiger

Tiger confiscated but kingpin will walk free again

A young tiger cub was recently confiscated by Royal Thai Police while it was transported towards the Thai-Laos border. It is believed the tiger originates from a Tiger Zoo in Chaiyaphum (or Chaiyaphoom) province owned by a Miss D. , who has been linked in the past to trade in tigers within Thailand and Laos and even with a temple that holds tigers in Thailand. D. was not available for comments, but DNA checks on the cub have proven it originated from the tiger zoo.

WFFT veterinarians and rescue team were present to give first aid to the confiscated tiger cub. The tiger has been taken to a government breeding center.

Although we are happy the tiger was confiscated and applaud the NRECD police for enforcing the law, we believe the mastermind or kingpin behind this trade will never be prosecuted let alone arrested.

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