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Goodbye to Meow…

A tiger, a pet, a victim of commercial tiger breeding

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that today Meow has passed away.

Meow, the tiger who was rescued almost 12 years ago, was one of the most gentle animals we have ever housed at the rescue center and both Edwin and Noi were extremely fond of him. We have tried everything to make his life better and succeeded many years to do so and over the last year fought as hard as we could to heal him. We could no longer allow his suffering to continue.

Meow was rescued in 2001 when he was very sick and dying at a gas-station where he was kept as a pet. Meow suffered spinal and brain damage but was rehabilitated within a year, we feel strongly against the keeping of wild animals as pets and the commercial breeding especially of tigers in thailand because of him. Meow fell sick again last year in 2012. We would like to remember him in his better years.

“Dear Meow, your gentle caracter and trust in me, even after everything that happened to you, after the suffering you had to endure at the hands of other people, has changed me, and the the way I look at the world we live in. It makes me realize that the world better be ruled by animals, as they show more compassion even after suffering cruelty and injustice. You kept me going for the first 12 years of WFFT and it makes it hard to know you won’t be there anymore. Wish so much things could be different, love you big boy, Edwin”

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