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UPDATE — The Temple Turtles

Last week we rescued numerous turtles from a temple in Rayong, see the rescue story here They had been dumped at the temple over a period of years, sadly their living conditions were terrible, with green stagnant water, nothing to hide under and a diet of boiled rice. These poor little critters were dying due to bad diet and bad hygiene. We had to build a new special area to provide the suitable care to these animals, heat lamps and swimming pools have been installed in their new sandy enclosures. The WFFT Vet Team have been performing full health checks on all the turtles, including x-ray. We found fishing hooks inside 3 of the turtles, sadly one did not make it. For now, the other 63 turtles are doing well and enjoying their new clean home with clean water and fresh food. Once they have gone through a quarantine period they will be returned back to the wild. We will keep you posted.

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