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2018 was a big year for WFFT. We rescued 4 elephants, hundreds of wildlife, released hundreds more, built new enclosures for our orangutans and macaques, and secured 13 acres for future projects. We couldn’t have done any of this without our donors, sponsors, volunteers, guests, and dedicated staff. Thank you all for your numerous and varied contributions.

A big shout out to Joan and Co. for sponsoring the rescue of 4 elephants this year. We look forward to seeing you again in January!

Thank you Dr. John Mcgillivray for your continued donations and for upgrading our wildlife hospital with state of the art equipment. We are now able to treat our patients with more precision and efficiency.

Thank you Mike Beets for funding Maggie and Chico’s enclosure as well as exciting new “secret projects” on the horizon.

Thank you Margot Homburg for funding our new dog and cat spay/neuter clinic opening next year.

Thank you, EXO Foundation, for the grant that helped us build our new P5 Primate Park.

Thank you Dr. Shirley McGreal (of International Primate Protection League) for your continued support over the last 15 years and for leading the way in primate conservation throughout the world.

Thank you to all other sponsors and donors, big and small. Every bit helps and goes towards saving lives.

Thank you to our passionate and enthusiastic volunteers. We love getting to know all of you from all over the world.

Thank you to our dedicated staff who work tirelessly to care for our animals, volunteers, and center. You are the heart of our expansive WFFT Family!

And a final thank you to all other guests and followers, for learning about our animals, sharing their stories, and spreading awareness about wildlife welfare.

Together we have saved and cared for so many lives. With your continued support, 2019 will be another great year of visionary progress!

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