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The “old ladies” getting a new spacious home!

Nobody cares for Macaques like we do

Yesterday afternoon saw the relocation of several macaques into a brand new macaque field at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. Work began on the field around a month ago, and yesterday reached the stage where it was possible to allow macaques into the field, whilst the finishing touches were being made.

First to be transported up to the new field were Long-tailed macaques Namfon, Sue, Mia and Shirley, who many past and present volunteers know collectively as ‘the old ladies’. Whilst Sue and Namfon disappeared into the bushes after being released into the field, Shirley – who is already looking likely to be the head of the group – and Mia had a full explore of their environment.

The next batch of macaques to move up to the field were Mocha (the only Pig-tail macaque to move), her best friend Thapet and Jojo, the only male to move, who is castrated. Thapet and Jojo got on particularly well. Jojo, who is slightly brain damaged and as such cannot always control his movements, is spending daytimes supervised at the new field, and nights back in his enclosure, as the excitement is quite a lot for him to take!

Thapet and Mocha had to be temporarily taken out of the field, as Mocha, who loves human company, made several bids for freedom over the fence to the people on the other side. Once the voltage on the electric fencing is set, they will soon be able to rejoin the field.

Finally, old ladies Namjai and Pocky were added to the field, making a total of 6 permanent macaques in the field, Jojo on ‘day release’ and Mocha and Thapet hopefully to return soon.

Pocky, despite her stunted growth caused by years of growing in a small box, is one of the potential candidates for being head of the group. Shirley asserted herself straight away by chasing some of the younger macaques, but Pocky followed her around nipping at her tail and then playing innocent when Shirley turned around! The older ladies are keeping out of the power struggles though, and can mostly be found in the bushes or up trees keeping a look out.

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