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Baby Pig-tail Macaque Tee-Daa Settles In at WFFT

Tee-Daa is a baby Pig-tail Macaque who came to WFFT earlier this week, after being purchased by a lady at a market in Phuket.

Feeling sorry for the macaque, who is around 10 weeks old, the lady purchased Tee-Daa for 1000 Thai baht (roughly £20/$35 US), and a few days later, contacted WFFT with regards to providing a permanent home for her.

Tee-Daa is now living at WFFT, being hand-raised by staff due to her very young age. Due to being hand-reared, it’s highly unlikely that she will ever be able to return to the wild, but it’s hoped that she might one day be integrated into one of WFFT’s macaque fields.

There she will live as close a life to natural as possible, with the company of a whole macaque troop.

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