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Shot by poachers, a loris is rescued

Rescued just in time!

A slow loris (Nycticebus coucang) was shot by poachers in a protected forest area in Petchburi, Thailand. The loris was able to climb into a tree and hide for a while, but came down after a while as it was weakended by the shot that went through its neck. A villager found the poor loris and called WFFT to send a team to rescue and treat the little primate.

The WFFT mobile wildlife rescue team was quick to respond and brought the loris into our wildlfie hospital for urgent treatment. Our vet tech Tao and volunteer veterinarian Frans Evers from “Dieren Gezondheids Centrum Geldrop” in Holland immediately started working on the loris! Right now the loris is recovering from surgery and in intensive care. We have good hope it will survive this terrible ordeal and can be released back tot he wild.

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