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Meet Toady – The Baby Bengal Slow Loris

Just a week after Froggy, the tiny baby loris was brought to the WFFT Wildlife Centre, we have again received another baby loris. Little ‘Toady’ was brought into WFFT by some members of the public a few days ago. He had apparently been found on the side of a road. We do not know what really happened but he is now under the care of our marvelous vet team. He seems very calm and relaxed, so we would assume that he has been kept as a pet for while.

The Bengal Slow Loris is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This is due to loss of habitat and severe pressures from hunting, there is more than 30% reduction in population over three generations. The species is predicted to decline by more than 30% in the next three generations over its entire range due to continuing hunting pressures and loss of habitat. The major threats that this species’ habitat faces include farming, timber removal, human settlement, road building, dams, power lines, fragmentations, soil loss and erosion, and deliberately set fires. They are hunted and traded for food, traditional “medicine”, sport, and as pets.

Toady is doing well so far, he is still receiving round the clock care from the WFFT Vet Team. We estimate that he is around 1 month old, at this age he still needs constant attention and care. Take a look at the little Toady’s arrival and first day with us.

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