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STOP! Slow loris used in commercial for paint

And this year’s price for ignorance goes to…. TOA!

We find it hard to believe that large international companies still haven’t learned the lessons of animal welfare.

The slow loris is a small nocturnal endangered primate, widely known for its “cuteness”. For exactly that reason the slow loris is wanted as a pet, an animal to exploit in tourism by using it as photo-prop and illegally exported from South-east Asian countries to China and Japan to end up in the exotic pet trade or even food.

By using this endangered animal species for a commercial TOA unfortunately shows little respect for the conservation efforts of the slow loris, nor the animal welfare of wild animals in captivity.

Please share and show your “disliking” of the use of wild animals in commercials on the Facebook page of TOA to have the commercial removed from TV and Youtube.

The loris used in the TOA commercial

The loris used in the TOA commercial

The link to the TOA page on Facebook here

To watch the commercial on Youtube:

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