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Loris rescue and surgery

Loris as a pet, a bad idea.


Although the slow loris has been a protected species in Thailand since 1992 and on the list of CITES appendix 1 (banned for international trade) since 2007, a lot of people still keep lorises illegally as a pet, or exploit them in tourism as photo-props.

Today a small loris was brought in with severe eye troubles and wounds all over its body as it was attacked by ants in its cage with nowhere to go. Luckily for this little guy the owners brought the loris (just in time) to the WFFT wildlife hospital where it is now under intensive care. We are pretty sure that we can save its life, but a day later arrival might have been too late.

WFFT campaigns for a stop in loris trade, possession and tourism exploitation. The WFFT rescues over 50 lorises a year and is Thailand’s biggest loris rescue facility.

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