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Loris injuries rising with an alarming rate!

Although the year 2006 has not ended yet we can already say that this year has been a busy year with the treatment and intake of many animals. The increase however in amount of Loris (Nycticebus Cougang and Nycticebus Pygmeus) cases has been more than 100% in this year.

Currently we are trying to find out why so many cases have been brought in and what has happened to these little creatures. The Lorisses come in to the rescue center with mainly burning wounds after being electrocuted, climbing in to electricity lines.

loristreatment1 loristreatment2 loristreatment3

We are happy to treat most of the poor animals with success however many of them have a limb amputated to stay alive.

More news on Loris conservation will follow.

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