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After a fight of almost 4 years we will soon finally send back the first batch of orangutans from Thailand to Indonesia.

The struggle to help these poor animals from the illegal wildlife trade has taken its toll. After so many years and even more trouble we can hardly believe that it is finally happening, and we do realize that it is not the end. Still many more orangutans and other species of wildlife are being traded and kept illegally in horrible conditions in the region. It seems only to get worse, and the orangutan case (although considered the largest smuggling case ever op great apes in the world) seems to be only the tip of the iceberg.

The WFFT has worked together with the ThaiAGA and the BOSF of Indonesia on this case for many years in cooperation with the Thai Forestry Police and is happy to see some progress.

It is disturbing to see that a San Francisco based organization is trying to take credit for the outcome of the case but at least we all here know who did the job.

The first 41 orangutans are to be taken back by Indonesian military plane on the 23rd of September.

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