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Loris electrocuted and rescued

Again a nocturnal loris electrocuted as it climbs a power line

It is sometimes frustrating to have to find animals again and again in the same horrible situation, and having to do again the same thing. Wouldn’t it be so much better if we could prevent these “accidents” to happen?

Bad and open connections of powerless and sometimes non-isolated power cables are the reason why so many wild animals get electrocuted and die, only a few actually live after such an ordeal and in many cases the burning wounds are horrific if not deadly.

Two days ago we again received another loris with serious injuries, with half a leg missing and bones sticking out. Our veterinary team however was sure they could save the live of this little loris and therefor put it on anti-biotics for two days before starting surgery to remove the leg and treat other open wounds. This surgery today went well and it was already the 47th loris this year that was brought in.

We will have to see if the loris can be released back tot he wild, but our experience tells us that even with a part of leg missing they can still fetch for themselves in the wild. We will keep you updated.

A slow loris (nycticebus cougang) is a nocturnal primate found in South-east Asia and is endangered.

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