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Gibbon blind for 10 years, sees the light ones more!

Nee can see!


It gives WFFT great joy to report that Nee’s cataract surgery has been a success! Nee, a rescued white handed gibbon, who was completely blind can see again for the first time in over 10 years! Top ophthalmic surgeons at Chulalongkorn University Veterinary Hospital performed the delicate operation on Nee’s left eye less than 1 week ago and he has been recovering in his specially designed treatment cage at WFFT.

Thankfully Nee has been a very co-operative patient allowing us to administer multiple eye drops round the clock alongside other oral drugs to protect the healing eye. Vision has improved over the last 48hours and this afternoon Nee is looking down at us and trying to dodge his medication! The eye is still tender and fragile but we hope that vision will continue to improve as it heals. Nee has a few more weeks of intensive treatment before he can be reunited with his female mate JoomJim.. she might be in for a big shock when he returns!

…or maybe he is in for a shock when he sees for the first time how beautiful she is!

Nee before surgery in January 2013

Nee before surgery in January 2013

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