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Baby Macaque Hangover

Recently the vet team were called to help a baby long tailed macaque that was so sick even his mother had abandoned him.

Located at a temple in Petchaburi he was brought to the wildlife hospital at WFFT.
With no signs of wounds, apparently blind and almost comatose the vet team provided round the clock care for this little creature. The outlook did not look good.
After a night of intensive care by the team however the next morning proved what a little fighter he was as he was 80 % better. Able to take food and water his sight was restored and his movement a bit unsteady but almost normal. After a further 24 hours he was back to normal.

We assumed he had been poisoned by alcohol which is often left at temples as an offering to the spirits. Somehow this little monkey had managed to drink some and suffered the consequences. Without the liver enzymes to break down the alcohol it poisoned his system but with the correct care it was flushed out of his system.
The next day the little rascal was returned to his troop and the wild. We hope he has learned his lesson and his mother has forgiven him. Rescue,Repair and Release, this is the aim of every rescue but it never usually happens so quickly or dramatically.

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