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Elephant Rescue – Hua Hin | December 2011

This elephant needs urgent rescue. Prachuab, an old female elephant that has been working at elephant camps carrying around tourists for the last 30 years needs your help! She is a very tall elephant that is way to skinny for her age and size, still at work every day at an elephant camp near the WFFT center. As you can see on some of the pictures she has wounds from hits with the bull-hook and from the wooden frame with seats for tourists. We would love to rescue Prachuab URGENTLY, and get her out of the elephant camp PERMANENTLY, to have her RETIRE NOW!

PLease donate towards Prachuab’s rescue so can get the treatment, love and care she so badly needs. Every amount small or big will make this happen!!!

For those people that are confused after the bad news yesterday, we received complaints only 3 days ago about Prachuab, we are not trying to replace Yuy, the elephant that passed away yesterday. The problems is however that Yuy and Prachuab are two out of many that need(ed) help…


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