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Elephant going crazy at Huahin

Bull elephant went crazy at Huahin

Bull elephant went crazy at Huahin

Wednesday morning at 09:00 Am we received a phone call from Hutsadin elephant camp in Huahin that one of their sub-adult males was on the loose and charging their staff. The almost 4 tonnes heavy bull was becoming a danger to the neighborhood and therefor needed to be calmed down by sedation to be caught again. The WFFT wildlife rescue team arrived within an hour at the place of trouble and was able to dart the elephant soon without any serious trouble. The bull called Khan Kluay, calmed down within 20 minutes and mahouts of the elephant camp were able to chain him up again.

The WFFT in no way supports (commercial) elephant camps in any of their activities, but will go out and help when the lives of the elephants or people are in danger such as with this incident.

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