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Duenpen, an elephant to retire soon?

WFFT to the rescue of another elephant.


Meet Duenpen, an approximately 50 year elephant that has worked for the last 25 years at elephant tourist camps. Duenpen is currently receiving a health screening as she has fallen sick lately but was still forced to work anyhow to provide enough income to at least feed her and her mahout. If Duenpen needs to continue working she might not live much longer. The WFFT rescue team is currently with Duenpen to assess the situation and see if we can rescue her and retire her for the rest of her life.

We are currently negotiating her release to WFFT with the owner and have a veterinary team check on her health, we need to make sure she is strong enough to make it on a truck for a night.

Soon more updates on Duenpen, fingers crossed that she can join our other rescued elephants in the coming week!

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