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Edwin Wiek arrested then bailed out by Commander of Thai Forestry Police

Edwin Wiek was briefly jailed on the 3rd of February after appearing in the provincial court to face charges relating to the possession of wildlife without proper documents. Edwin was charged early in August 2004 after a series of raids and on his rescue center and other acts of intimidation by officials.

These individuals appear to be trying to stop his involvement in the investigation of the illegal cross-border trade of wildlife and in particular Orang-utans. A

fter hearing about the arrest of Wiek, Police Major-General Swake Pinsinchai, commander of the Thai Royal Forestry Police, speeded to Petchaburi provincial court and personally bailed out Edwin Wiek from the court jail. During his appearance in court Major-General Swake told the judge he felt the charges against Edwin Wiek were fabricated and of political motivation.

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