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Malii the miracle cat

During a routine evening surgery the vet team were presented with a paralysed cat that a local had  found beside his car. The cat had no owner, but was very friendly.

With no obvious wounds or trauma the team decided to take care of her . Nerve damage will sometimes repair, but can take up to a month. Unfortunately after a months care Malli showed no signs of improving, but did show signs of being pregnant !

This was confirmed when she was X-rayed. By this stage the pregnancy was far advanced but we didn’t know if she was going to be able to give birth herself. The vet team continued to monitor her closely. She was named Malli after a famous Thai song about a girl who has a cat who has kittens.

A couple of mornings ago the team spotted Malii behaving unusually and discover she was in fact trying to give birth. The first kitten was breech and stuck but with a little pushing and pulling by the team managed to pop out. An hour later the second kitten arrived into the world in the same way, a gentle push from behind and a little pull and it too popped out.

Thirty minutes later the final kitten arrived in the normal position but still requiring a little help from the vets. Malli managed to give birth to three healthy kittens despite being completely paralysed in the rear end. We had been resigned to the fact that she would require a Caesarean, but the brave girl surprised us. The kittens are beautiful and are all doing well and have already found homes . For the moment Malii is enjoying motherhood with her adorable triplets.

But the story doesn’t end here, even more incredible, since she gave birth she has regained some movement and strength in her legs .  She is able to support herself again. We can assume that her pregnancy was causing pressure on her damaged spine.  Something that could not be detected before. We can’t predict what the future will be, but this miracle little girl is full of surprises and hopefully will fully recover the use of her legs. Of course, we will keep you update on her condition.

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