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More arrests on gibbon exploitation

The war on gibbon exploitation continues! Yesterday, the 14th of October, police and DNP officials raided several houses on Koh Samui Island after WFFT made again a detailed complaint about the use of illegally obtained gibbons in tourism. The gibbons were used day and night as photo-props on the beaches…

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Pig-tailed macaques scares villagers

Relocating a handsome boy! A fully grown male pig-tailed macaque has been scaring villagers in Petchburi province for a few days this week. After villagers could no longer feel safe in their houses they called WFFT to catch and relocate the big boy! The macaque probably came from Kaengkrachan National…

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War on gibbon exploitation in tourism has started!

STOP WILDLIFE EXPLOITATION FOR TOURISM On Saturday the 29th of August 2015 Officials of the Department of National Parks (DNP) led by Mr. Suwat Suksiri, head of the Thungthale non-hunting area, arrested two individuals with illegally obtained young gibbons. Both man, Mr Anand Nadee and Mr Bancha Songkhai, had illegally…

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Press release on 14 orangutans to be repatriated

14 ORANG-UTANS TO BE RETURNED TO INDONESIA Press release 14 orangutans to be repatriated from Thailand to Indonesia. THE REAL STORY Over the last 48 hours many stories have been posted by several media outlets on the repatriation of 14 orangutans that were smuggled into Thailand in 2007 and 2008.…

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Thailand destroys confiscated ivory

THAI IVORY DESTROYED On Wednesday the 26th of August Thailand burned its confiscated ivory, that mostly originated from African elephants killed for this ivory in the last few years. This move by the authorities was a first positive step in the right direction of better enforcement to tackle the trade…

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Khan Kloey and Somboon move!

A safe haven for Khan Kloey Little boys get big they say when a child grows up... But for Khan Kloey, the only bull elephant at WFFT this surely is more than true. He is currently one of the tallest elephants here and at 10 years of age his first…

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Another loris rescue… When will it stop?

WFFT has received its 50th loris rescue of this year and we are only in the 8 month of 2015.... This loris was kept as a pet after it was bought from a poacher or dealer (it is unclear to us) and was fed the wrong food/diet and kept in…

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Rith is released back to the wild!!!

A rescued elephant is back home! A wild elephant was found collapsed, dehydrated and extremely weak on June 21st in Pala U forest of Kaengkrachan National Park. This poor elephant, female and about 4-5 years of age was unable to stand up or eat. It was found she had eaten…

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A bad start of the day for this monkey

Things can only get better for him now This morning WFFT was called by authorities to help a monkey that jumped from a building into a power line. After being electrocuted he then fell on the road and got run over by a car. The poor monkey was then hanging…

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Rescued elephant to be released back to the wild

Going home soon! The young wild elephant that has been under treatment for almost 2 months now is being made ready for release back to the wild on August 5th (coming wednesday). Today a captive elephant was used to take little "Rith" for a walk, so her health could be…

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Muntjac rescue at WFFT hospital

Broken leg A red muntjac baby was brought in to the WFFT wildlife hospital today, with a broken leg. The little guy was found near a road and was probably hit by a car. Currently we are treating him and feeding him milk, grass and vegetables awaiting the healing process.

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Rescued wildlife releases!

A perfect rescue.... We love our work caring for rescued animals at the centre, but we what we love even more is "a perfect rescue"; the release of treated animals back to the wild. Today was one of those "top" days for our vet-team, staff and volunteers with four lorises,…

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