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And Now Something Completely different… A Python Rescue… Meet Monty

Yesterday we received a telephone call about a reticulated python trapped in a net. It seems the snake, who has been named Monty by our cinephile Vet team, came to steal some chicken for his dinner and got trapped in the net fence. This species is not dangerous to humans. The people, maybe regarding the size of the reptile, tried to get rid of him and started to beat him with a stick. The neighbor arrived telling them to stop. The kind man who saved the snake then called us, so the team headed out to collect it from a village in Phetchaburi. He was transported back to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital, for a full health check. Monty the Python weighs in at 6.7 kilos and is 3.3 meters long. The pieces of the net that were still stuck to his body were safely removed, and his other injuries treated. We are hopeful that he will make a full recovery and be able to return to a safe wild environment.

The reticulated python (Python reticulatus) is native to Southeast Asia. It is among the largest of snakes in the world. They usually live in woodland areas near to grasslands, rain forest but also near rivers, streams, and lakes. Their diet is essentially mammals and birds. That is probably the reason that brought Monty to come to the house. Monty is a wild animal and will be released back to the wild as soon as it will be possible. Check on us in the few weeks to see him going back to his free life. That’s the meaning of life!

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