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Ex-pet Brahminy Kite Brought into WFFT

Yesterday morning a man arrived at the WFFT Wildlife Hospital carrying a basket covered by a net within this basket was a very stressed brahminy kite (Haliastur indus). We are told that this kite had been kept as a pet at a location about 30 minutes from the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre, his owner had moved away and could no longer care for her. We have named her ‘Mesa’ which means the month of April in English.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species of threatened species lists the brahminy kite as Least Concrn (LC). This does not mean that this animal is not endangered as its population is still decreasing, but is classified as Least Concern due to its extremely large home range. The population is declining, especially in South-East Asia, owing to loss of habitat, persecution, over-use of pesticides and, possibly, increased human hygiene resulting in reduction of available scraps.

After an initial health check it appears that Mesa has a sunken eye, this is likely to be from a past collision with something. Other than that she seems well apart from being stressed open arrival. She will spend some time in quarantine to adjust to his new surroundings before being introduced to two other brahminy kites currently housed at WFFT.

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