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Sun-bear cub rescue

Another sun bear family taken from the wild WFFT was called this last weekend by locals near Huahin after they visited a mountain village in the South. At this village they found a small bear cub (Malayan sun bear) kept as a pet by mountain people. The cub was very…

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Temple hands over dumped wildlife

Abbot says temples are no good place to keep wild animals We received a call from a temple in Southern Thailand last week with an urgent call for help. At this temple a few wild animals were kept given up by people in the neighborhood, but the enclosures were not…

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Deena’s baby is doing so well!

Malaysian sun bear gives birth at WFFT! It is not very common for a malayan sun bear to give birth in captivity, and in many cases cubs will not live long after birth and besides that mothers of these cubs will often eventually kill their own offspring and even eat…

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Baby Malayan Sun Bear Rescued

On Sunday August the 30th, a 3 month old Malayan Sun Bear arrived at the WFFT wildlife hospital. He had been living a happy existence with his mother in the wild, before being hunted and caught in our local Kaengkrachan national park. After being captured, his front and back legs…

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Rescued baby civets at WFFT

Baby civets finding a new home at WFFT These little palm civets were recently rescued by WFFT from a forest fire. Unfortunately they could not be returned to their mother and therefor our medical team at WFFT had to care for these small civet babies. See here a few photos…

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Dodo & Dee Na Together at Christmas

Dodo & Dee Na Together at Christmas Back in May 2009, Dodo the male Malayan Sun Bear came to WFFT after being rescued from a pig farm in Ratchaburi. He was extremely underweight and living in appalling conditions prior to his rescue. Over the past months, we’ve been trying to…

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Bear cub rescued

A young female sun bear has been rescued from poachers in PrachuapKhirikhan province. The little bear is currently recovering at the center and more news will soon be posted on this news page. An investigation on how the bear ended up in a village south of Pranburi is still underway.…

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Ka-Ka the Malayan Barking Bear

Some villagers had poached this male sun bear cub from the forests near Laos, with the intention of selling him as a pet. They could not find a buyer quick enough, so they dumped him at Wat Klong Sai Nung , a temple near Thayang, when they were afraid of…

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