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Ompoom, the sun bear finally climbs the trees!

Many volunteers at the rescue center and even more people that watched the “Lyndal’s Lifeline” on Animal Planet remember Ompoom the overweight sun bear that was rescued from the fish market in Ranong.

Ompoom was rescued at the end of 2005 and we knew it would take some time until he would fit in at the rescue center.

He was too heavy, slow and it did seem at some times that he had given up on life.

However this month (June 2007) he seems to be finally exploring his complete enclosure. He has for the first time been seen climbing the tall teak wood trees.

We are very happy to see Ompoom finally becoming more active and inquisitive.

He might after all one day still end up with some other bears at the center or qualify for re-introduction in the wild.

We will keep you updated!

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