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World Wildlife Day

Today is World Wildlife Day! In WFFT’s 18 year history, we have rescued, rehabilitated, and released thousands of wild animals. We only have one planet to share with all forms of life, so we must continue fighting to protect them and their habitats! #worldwildlifeday

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WFFT Highlights – February 2019

-We had many releases this month! Kicking things off were 3 wild male macaques who were raiding homes. They were relocated to a safe protected area. -We have had numerous wildfires near us lately which may have contributed to why this rat snake waltzed right into our hospital. It was…

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Nong’s Rescue Mission Goes Sideways

We recently rescued the thickest langur we have ever seen. She was coddled as a house pet and raised on human food. Langurs are supposed to have a leafy diet, but if her owners ate crispy pork, so did she! She had a dog as a friend and some peculiar…

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Today is Darwin’s birthday! We’ve compiled some interesting evolutionary facts about our rescued wildlife. Did you know there is a “6 legged” tortoise and that lorises have 2 tongues? Check it out!

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WFFT Highlights – January 2019

Here are some of the highlights at WFFT this January. Watch 2 otters play when they were finally paired. They had been acclimating to each other in adjacent enclosures for some time. When the tunnels were opened, they couldn’t contain their excitement and immediately took off to romp together. Two…

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Temple Rescue Update

WFFT conducted a massive rescue of 105 animals (wild and domestic) from a Rayong Province temple 5 months ago. Larissa Viravaidya Stillman was one of many concerned locals who reported the horrific conditions at this temple. We were concerned that the empty cages might get filled up with new neglected…

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New Year, New Friends!

We rescued Harriette a few weeks ago and have since paired her with Lucky. Before they met, Harriette would scream and scream until someone came to check on her. She would then try to grab us through her enclosure. Now that she is with Lucky, she is a lot quieter…

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Weekly Roundup (Nov 1 to 15, 2018)

These highlights include a gibbon who swallowed a nail, our latest elephant rescue befriending two other eles, a rescued macaque becoming a foster mother, peafowls having their flight feathers trimmed, a cute hedgehog, and juvenile macaques frolicking in their new pool. Enjoy!

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Lodge Experience

Calum Currie, a recent WFFT lodge guest and visual artist, made a video for us that beautifully captures the spirit of WFFT! If you can't stay for a week+ as a volunteer, this is what you may see on one of our guided tours or eco-lodge stays.

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Weekly Roundup (Oct 16 – 31, 2018)

These highlights include the emergency rescue of a gorgeous white-thighed langur, an injured pregnant macaque, the repair of a fractured turtle shell, elephant wound care, bears feasting on honeycombs, and silly hospital infants. Enjoy!

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Live a Wild Life!

Live a wild life! We are in need of wildlife volunteers for the next few months so please come out, give us a hand, and tell your friends about us!

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Spring-cleaning for some exigent and messy little ones

Rescuing, caring, offering medical support, feeding and of course cleaning are part of the WFFT everyday life. Our volunteers are always happy to contribute to this mission. An appropriate and clean environment is as essential for the well-being of our residents as appropriate food or care! Recently the Centre's Baby…

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Get Connected

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand needs your help! Connect with us and share our stories. If you are in Thailand find out how you can help. Come visit us and get involved.

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