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Start of the day with WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre Volunteer’s

The WFFT Wildlife rescue centre provides refuge for over 600 animals including 6 species of gibbons, 6 species of macaques, lorises, 2 species of bear, small and larger wild cats, civets, crocodiles, birds…
All the volunteers have the daunting task, supervised and helped by our dedicated team of professionals, to take care of all the poor souls who finally succeed to escape the sad and painful destiny that some persons without scruples were planning for them.

The life of a rescue center goes way beyond the shiny mediatic aspect of the rescues. Providing the best life possible and as close as possible of what their lives should have been for those who will never be able to adapt to a wildlife, and help the rehabilitation of those who will be released. The mission includes a lot of things and one of them is the food preparation. It is the first activity in the morning (6.30am) and it will beat the rhythm of the day. Change the drinkable water, cleaning enclosures, making enrichments,… are also the daily tasks executed by every team; sometimes several times a day.

The Food Prep happens in the Food House. And during preparation times, this kitchen looks like a hive! Cleaning veggies and fruits, rinsing, chopping, preparing, counting, dividing, making up the bowls with attention because gibbons don’t eat the same kind and sized food as turtles, as dears, as nocturnals, or as Bernie (our cassowary who always has a very fancy decorate plate regarding his personality that made him one of the favorite – see his full story here: to be ready for the first set of food of the day for all our animal residents, before volunteers go get their breakfast. There is so much to say about each animal alimentation, about their tastes, … Fruits, veggies, leaves, …

For the moment, let’s share with you all the energy and good spirit that motivate and unify all our volunteers, whatever the age, sex, origins, stories, in the same mission! A vital mission! Whatever the weather, or the early timing! All teams at the same place preparing the food that will suit each animal, keep them alive & in good health, and make them happy!! Ladies and gentlemen… Here is the 6.30am food prep set!

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