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UPDATE – Temple Rescue

Take a look at the Temple Animal Rescue Mission from last month. Check out the rescued animals enjoying their new home. See the full story here: Well done to the whole team and thank you to all that made this rescue possible.

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Freedom Boogie!

We recently released a family of four gibbons onto a new island for their rehabilitation. Enjoy this gif and stay tuned for more process photos and updates!

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BREAKING NEWS — 105 Animals Saved (Part 2)

Having finally agreed to hand over the animals, after months of negotiations and changes of mind, the WFFT Rescue Team had to act as quickly as possible before the Abbot had another change of heart. The rescue team are well experienced in handling all the various species, but have never…

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BREAKING NEWS — 105 Animals Saved (Part 1)

On Tuesday the 16thof August 2018 the WFFT Rescue Team headed out on their biggest rescue operation yet. We had received numerous complaints from concerned members of the public regarding a variety of wild and domestic animals being held at temple in Rayong Province. A few weeks ago we visited…

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Welcome to “the oldest gibbon in the world”!

Let’s introduce you to Burma, our new pileated gibbon (Hylobates pileatus) resident.The pileated gibbon is listed as endangered by IUCN. He is 38 years old!! which is a very impressive age for these apes! Usually, in captivity, the maximum age for this gibbon species is 34 years! Burma’s owner, took…

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Up into the Trees for these Lucky Gibbons

Yesterday two sub-adult white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar), Oreo and Aung Aing, moved into a huge new forest enclosure where they can swing, sing and sleep in the forest canopy. Both of these gibbons were poached from the wild as very young infants and illegally sold into the pet trade. The…

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Veterinary Ophthalmologist makes a special visit to WFFT

Over the last week Dr. Claudia Hartley, the Head of Ophthalmology at the Bristol Veterinary School has been working with the WFFT Vet Team. Claudia is specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology and has kindly shared some of her exceptional knowledge and experience with our team. We have been examining the eyes…

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Glorious Gibbons as the Sun Goes Down at P4

Take a look at this stunning collection of photographs taken from WFFT's Project 4. A pair of white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar) are settling in for the night. The mountains in the distance are part of Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand's largest national park.Why not come and stay at WFFT's Eco-lodge…

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Thongs Ten Years in a Trash Filled Shack is Over…

Let us introduce you to Thong the highly endangered Northern white-cheeked gibbon, rescued by the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Team this morning. Her owners contacted us yesterday evening and asked us for help in providing her with a new more suitable home. We were informed by the owners that Thong had…

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Cosmo’s Family on the Move…

A few days ago white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar) Cosmo and Bridget, and their 3 offspring, Fino, Picasso and Milano moved to WFFT’s biggest Gibbon Rehabilitation Island ‘Island 8’. Our Gibbon Rehabilitation Islands provide a perfect naturalistic environment for gibbons that we rescue and aim to return back to the wild.…

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A Miracle of Life on Island 10 in Project 4

Earlier last week, one of our precious residents, a blonde white-handed gibbon who has been happily living with her partner on a gibbon island at WFFT's Project 4, gave birth. April (find her full story here: in now a first time mommy! Despite the fact she arrived when she…

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Happy International Gibbon Day!!

Happy International Gibbon Day!! WFFT is working to save these little apes from exploitation and extinction. #InternationalGibbonDay. Last week a very special gibbon pair got a new home. 'Dao' (Star) is a female Pileated gibbon (Hylobates pileatus) who is 7 years old and who was rescued when she was 7…

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