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To rescue and unchain “Johnny” !

Johnny, a macaque unchained and rescued!

Johnny unchained! Johnny is a young adult male pig-tailed macaque (macaca nemestrina) that was kept as a pet in Bangkok. Bought from the weekend market, Chatuchak (Jatujak) 10 years ago he lived with a family, however when he got older and larger he wear chained up outside an apartment building as he was too aggressive. Last week Johnny, who was chained on a less then one metro chain, got a hold on his owner and attacked him, biting him in the leg. The bites made some severe wounds and the owner called WFFT asking for an urgent rescue. On Thursday the 8th of November it was time for Johnny to be “unchained” and rescued. The WFFT wildlife rescue team (currently without a sponsor and fighting hard to continue our important work) went to rescue Johnny and after registering him with police Johnny was transported to the WFFT quarantine awaiting further medical check ups and introduction to a group.

Pig tailed macaques are often used for the coconut picking and as pets, even though it is a protected species. Macaques like Johnny can not be re-introduced to the wild in Thailand, nor elsewhere.

WFFT would like to continue rescuing wild animals. Currently we are looking for sponsors for the mobile wildlife rescue team and clinic. If you know of any organisation that could help us please inform us…

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