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SAVE THE DATE – Giving Day for Apes 2021

This year, in a bid to raise urgent funds for our rescued apes, we are taking part in Giving Day for Apes. This is a day dedicated to helping rescued apes get the often life-long care they need in sanctuaries, after being abused at the hands of humans. With your help, we hope to raise enough money to feed our apes at least until the end of the year.

During this crisis, every month, we are frantically searching for the funds to feed and care for our animals. And that includes for our apes: 78 gibbons, two orangutans and chimpanzee, Canoe. They are relying on kind people like you to get through this hard time.

Every donation of $5 or above made before or on 12 October could help us win $1000s in additional prizes!

For more than 20 years, we have been rescuing animals from horrible situations of abuse. Most of our gibbons were rescued from the illegal pet trade. Gibbons, just like Nora, who was rescued from a horrendous life as a photo prop.

Nora Kept As A Photo Prop

Nora kept as a photo prop

Nora Now At WFFT

Nora now at WFFT

All thanks to WFFT supporters, Nora was saved from a sad life as a photo prop – high on sedatives, kept in a tiny cage without the company of her own species, and passed around from tourist to tourist for the sake of a selfie. It is a miserable existence that is now, thankfully, long behind her.

But she, like all our apes, needs you at this troublesome time.

We are also really hoping to raise the funds needed to build a new island home for Nora and her five fellow orphaned gibbon friends, so they can move forward in their next step in rehabilitation.

Can we count on your support?

Your generosity will also help our chimpanzee, Canoe and our orangutans...

Canoe Spent 30+ Years In This Horrible Prison

Canoe spent 30+ years in this horrible prison

Maggie Was Dumped At WFFT In A Dog Cage

Maggie was dumped at WFFT in a dog cage

Rescued Chimpanzee, Canoe At WFFT

Rescue chimpanzee, Canoe at WFFT

Orangutans, Maggie And Chico At WFFT

Orangutans, Maggie and Chico at WFFT

Every donation of $5+ made on or before Giving Day for Apes also helps us win $1000s in additional prizes, meaning your gift could have a far-reaching impact for rescued apes.

If you are not in a position to donate – you could set up a fundraising page and ask friends and family to support your fundraiser. Every donation made to your page could also help us win additional prizes. Simply click here and then click ‘Fundraise’.

You don’t have to wait until 12 October, though – early donations are open now!

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