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Rescued – A Tiny Baby Macaque Arrives at WFFT

Meet ‘Mongkood’ (English: Crown) the very small infant northern pig-tailed macaque (Macaca leonina). He was rescued 2 days ago after being kept as a pet for a very short period of time. We estimate that this little one is no older than 2 months. Sadly, he will have been poached from the wild, witnessing the murder of his family and then sold on the be a pet. Luckily he was saved and brought to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species lists the Northern pig-tailed macaque as Vulnerable (VU). Their population has declined by over 30% over the last three generations across its entire range due to several threats, and this decline is predicted to continue at the same rate or higher in the next three generations. Habitat disturbances that affect this species’ survival include: selective logging; timber and firewood collection for making charcoal; building roads, dams, power lines; and deliberately setting fires. These animals are hunted and traded for food, sport and traditional “medicine”, and the live animals as pets. In Thailand, the males of this species are exploited for picking coconuts by the industry. Sometimes, a well-trained macaque is sold for 1,000USD. They are also in demand by resorts and other tourist attractions for inhumane circus style shows.


Little Mongkood is still bewildered and confused as where his mother has gone, he is still crying for his mothers’ love, scared and unsure of what his future holds. We will do everything we can to make his transition to life in captivity as stress free as we can. For now, he is under the 24-hour care of the WFFT Vet Team. Keep Wildlife Wild and Not as Pets!!!

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