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Rescued – Macaque Shot in the Face

Late on Friday evening the WFFT Vet Team were called to attend an injured long-tailed macaque from an urban troop in Khao Wang, around 40km from the centre. The macaque had an injury to the face and had been found by locals walking about blindly.

On examining this male primate it was discovered he had an infected wound, which had caused swelling of his eyelids and closure of the eyes. X-ray confirmed that he had actually been shot between the eyes. The bullet had missed both eyes and time will tell whether it has damaged the optic nerve. The X-rays also showed that Frank, as he has been named, has suffered several bullet wounds in his life. Though he had been castrated this has obviously not resolved the human-animal conflict his troop is causing.

With daily treatment Frank’s wounds are improving and the swelling reducing. As his eyelids start to open It is clear that he still has some sight left and we hope in the near he will be able to return to the wild.

We may not be able to provide him with a tin hat and a bulletproof vest but we hope to work on a better solution to the overpopulation of long-tailed macaques in urban areas. Random castration of males is clearly not the answer.

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