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Miracles Really Do Happen…!!!

You may remember the rescue this seriously injured macaque. She was saved by a villager who had found her face down in a swampy mangrove forest almost dead. The WFFT Wildlife Rescue Team managed to save this little soul. See the full rescue story here

After spending almost 2 months at the WFFT Wildlife Hospital under intensive care and rehabilitation from our vet team she has made extraordinary improvements that none of us had foreseen, we have named her ‘Patti Harn’ (English: Miracle). Upon arrival Patti Harn could barely sit up and spent the first week being hand fed by the team. Over the following weeks she re-gained her much of her strength, and her ability to walk and climb began dramatically improving. To the astonishment of us all here at WFFT she has regained almost all of her strength and abilities to again enable her move around and climb. Further adding to our amazement a few days ago she gave birth to a healthy baby girl who we have named ‘Mali’ (English: Jasmine). Patti Harn is proving to be an exceptional mother, both her and Jasmine are doing well. We are hopeful that both mother and baby will be released back to the wild in the coming months, after all her family are probably wondering where she is. As with any young baby the first few weeks are the most challenging but so far so good for this special little duo. We will keep you posted.

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