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A man went for a shower and was confronted by a scared Slow Loris

Last week the WFFT Rescue Team headed out to a village a few kilometers from the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre after receiving a report of a slow loris that had lost its way and ended up in a bathroom. The loris is question is a male Sunda slow loris (Nycticebus coucang). He was found clinging to a showerhead, he may have lost his way or been searching for food. As human populations encroach into the ancient forest habitats of these special little primates they are forced to try and adapt to new surrounding. Luckily for this little guy he was saved and still healthy. He was housed at the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for a few days to assess his health, he was then taken to a secret location to release him back to the wild. As you can see from the photos he was rather happy to return to the forest.

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