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Gibbon rescue in Bangkok

WFFT mobile clinic
This rescue was sponsored by IPPL / ARCUS IPPL

The mobile wildlife clinic was again asked to help a gibbon kept as pet in Bangkok.

The gibbon was kept for over 8 years in an enclosure in the back yard of a family in Bangkok and was sick on a regular bases. The poor gibbon was too agresssive to have its enclosure cleaned on a regular bases and lived in his own dirt since over 3 years.

the owners had looked for a place to hand over their “pet” gibbon and finally contacted WFFT for help.

gibbon rescue 002 gibbon rescue 010 gibbon rescue 005

gibbon rescue 001gibbon rescue 011 gibbon rescue 015

gibbon rescue 009gibbon rescue 013gibbon rescue 003

gibbon rescue 008gibbon rescue 007gibbon rescue 012

This gibbon is too old to be released back to the wild, but it still might have another 20 years to live. We will try to get this gibbon to re-socialize with another gibbon of the same age and provide a spacious enclosure to live in.

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