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Capuchin ‘Chino’ Moves to New Home

Many of you will know and love our elderly wedge-capped capuchin (Cebus olivaceus) monkey ‘Chino’. Chino has been with us for just over three years after being rescued from a dilapidated zoo in Bangkok with many other animals. His old age of 33 years, and many the years he endured being kept in solitary confinement in horrifying conditions at a zoo, resulted in him being a monkey with very special needs.

Since we have moved many of the rescued gibbons in our care onto Gibbon Rehabilitation Islands after a severe drought this year, giving him the freedom to move some animals around and refurbish some of the older areas of the rescue centre. We are one of the most active wildlife rescue organisations in the region, we rescue 100’s of animals each year, often running at full capacity with little space to rescue more animals.

So a few days ago Chino got an upgrade, he now has a larger enclosure with more space and lots of new toys and enrichments to keep this highly intelligent new world monkey occupied.

See his rescue story here – and

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