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A Big Step for Mali!

Remember Mali, a female long-tailed macaque rescued last month (full story here:, well, after a stay in our quarantine area (where all of our residents make a temporary stay) for observation and to adjust to her new environment, she has been moved to the side enclosure of the big Newland 19 macaque open field enclosure. Indeed, this enclosure is a real success for us. The biggest group at WFFT to live together in harmony. When some of our broken souls looks like a good candidate to integrate the group, the procedure is to move them into a side enclosure first. This area lets the future troop members to get used to a bigger space, but more importantly allows them to meet their new friends through the fence. The troop members are always intrigued by new arrivals, they come to investigate, smell, and see the new ones. We can then observe their behavior and suitability to become a new troop member.

After Mali was relocated to her new home, most of the troop curiosity came to check her out. Mali is a little stressed but that is absolutely normal for a macaque that has spent the passed few years being treated like a toy, chained to to a tree next to a busy road. This may be a slow process, until she forms friendships and alliances with members of the troop

We will of course keep you updated of the progression of this important step in the life of Mali! So, check our Facebook page, or website to follow her future life.

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