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Back Home for this Big Boy

You may remember the story of this severely injured macaque that we rescued a few weeks ago? After spending some time under the care of the WFFT Vet Team he made a full recovery from his ordeal and the decision was made to return him home.

See his rescue story here

Note: Some people asked “Why would you send him back to the wild where it is dangerous?”

This particular macaque came from an area well known for its population of urban long-tailed macaques. Unfortunately, the reality for these urban macaques is that conflicts with humans and other macaques are common. There are many people on the ground trying to care for these monkeys, by providing food and veterinary treatments, some de-sexing programs have been conducted with mixed results. After he had recovered from his terrible ordeal we at WFFT were left with the decision of keeping him in captivity for the rest of his life, releasing him to another area or sending him home, to his family group. In this instance, the best option considering the circumstances of this large male macaque was to send him back to the area he came from so he could re-join his family.

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